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How to use observation in a sentence. Observation pronunciation.

As Kenelm had neither as yet wooed nor won the lady in question, and did not deem it necessary to enter into any details on the subject of love particular to himself, he replied by a general observation,- "It seems to me that the coming of love is like the coming of spring: the date is not to be reckoned by the calendar.
But to me, as to Haliburton, this stuff about "extra- zodiacal wandering" blazed out upon the page, and though there was no evidence that the "most enlightened" Gmelin found anything the next night, yet, if his "diminishing" meant anything, there was, with Zitta's observation,- whoever Zitta might be,-something to start upon.
Friendship with the upright; friendship with the sincere; and friendship with the man of much observation:- these are advantageous.
Indeed, Professor Sharp somewhat needlessly qualifies his praise of the ant with this cautious observation:- "The competence of the ant is not like that of man.

Examples of Observation

Example #1
It may be slow and gradual; it may be quick and sudden.
Example #2
But in the morning, when we wake and recognize a change in the world without, verdure on the trees, blossoms on the sward, warmth in the sunshine, music in the air, then we say Spring has come!
Example #3
He was chief of a college at Taganrog, where perhaps they had a spyglass.
Example #4
This gave us the parallax of his observation.
Example #5
Confucius said, 'There are three friendships which are advantageous, and three which are injurious.
Example #6
V. Confucius said, 'There are three things men find enjoyment in which are advantageous, and three things they find enjoyment in which are injurious.