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How to use occured in a sentence. Occured pronunciation.

This occured by striking a file against a flint rock which threw off sparks that fell into a wad of dry cotton used for the purpose.
When this chemical process occured there was a regular sized candle to be used for lighting.
The other incident occured in Virginia.
When George was told that he was grown as formerly related, he saved his money and when the great earth quake in Charleston occured he went down there to see what it had done to the place.
Many know his story and marvel at his ability to relate incidents that must have occured when he was quite small. Born in Jefferson County, Florida on July 26, 1857, he was one of the 150 slaves belonging to the Folsom brothers, Tom and Bryant.
It occured to me that a collection of all such analogous facts would throw light either for or against the view of related species being co-descendants from a common stock.
We must bury the corpses here quickly, and remove every trace of the contest, in order that the French, on arriving here, may not discover what has occured, and that we are close by.
I was an eye-witness-You shall now have those which have since occured.
Notwithstanding what has been said or done; in spite of what has occured; nevertheless; - sometimes used as a conjunction.
On the morrow, their first thought was that they would re-embark that day for England; and then it occured to them that they might find an asylum nearer at hand.
A slight pull at my sleeve showed me that my wife also noticed the object, as this was always the signal that she made if anything occured at night that required vigilance.

Examples of Occured

Example #1
This cotton, as a rule, readily caught fire.
Example #2
Matches were unknown; a flint rock and a file provided the fire.
Example #3
Mary now past the century mark, her lean bronze body resting in a rocker, her head wrapped in a white 'kerchief, and puffing slowly on her clay pipe, expressed herself in regard to presidents: "Roosevelt has don' mo' than any other president, why you know ever since freedom they been talkin' 'bout dis pension, talkin' 'bout it tha's all, but you see Mr. Roosevelt he don' com' an' gived it tu us.
Example #4
The wick was then placed in the center of the tallow as it rest in the mould; this was allowed to cool.
Example #5
It was upon an occasion when Mrs. Abraham Lincoln was visiting in Richmond.
Example #6
Irene related with much warmth the effect that incident had upon the future treatment of the slaves.