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How to use off-she in a sentence. Off-she pronunciation.

We stayed in the nursery till the charwoman came in and told us to be off-she was going to make one job of it, and have our carpet up as well as all the others, now the man was here to beat them.
She read on-the bottom of the column was torn off-she could read no farther.
Fanny tried to beg off-she was afraid to leave her babe, lest it should creep to the tub and get hurt-Mrs.

Examples of Off-she

Example #1
It came up, and it was very dusty-and under it we found my threepenny-bit that I lost ages ago, which shows what Eliza is.
Example #2
She told Father she was a good plain cook, but he says it was a fancy portrait.
Example #3
She never remembered how she got home.
Example #4
It seemed like some horrible dream.
Example #5
To this committee also was referred the following proposition, which had been reported by the committee of detail, to wit: "No navigation act shall be passed without the assent of two-thirds of the members present in each house;" a proposition which the staple and commercial States were solicitous to retain, lest their commerce should be placed too much under the power of the Eastern States; but which these last States were as anxious to reject.
Example #6
M. said she would watch the babe, and sent her off.