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How to use off-very in a sentence. Off-very pronunciation.

Excuse me hurryin' off-very late.
We mounted the staircase, through several stories, up to the top of the tower, whence there was a view of the spires of Oxford, and of points much farther off,-very indistinctly seen, however, as is usually the case with the misty distances of England.
And, by what I understand, you might have had lodgings there quite away from the sea-a quarter of a mile off-very comfortable.

Examples of Off-very

Example #1
Nice woman, too-thorough good sort!
Example #2
I suppose we ought to be a bit careful.
Example #3
Returning to the ground-floor, we were ushered into the room in which died Wilmot, the wicked Earl of Rochester, who was Ranger of the Park in Charles II.
Example #4
The keeper opened the door for us, and in the entrance-hall we found various things that had to do with the chase and woodland sports.
Example #5
You should have consulted Perry.
Example #6
A fine open sea, he says, and very pure air.