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It was evident that the French police had succeeded in suppressing all communication between the detained members of the Rue St. Claude den and the head office-which he shrewdly suspected to be situated in London.
He should have bethought him that it involved another than Tinman that is to say, an office-which the fitful beast rejoices to paw and play with contemptuously now and then, one may think, as a solace to his pride, and an indemnification for those caprices of abject worship so strongly recalling the days we see through Mr. Darwin's glasses.
Go out of your library, out of the small circle of people who talk of books, who are engaged in research, whose liveliest interest is in the progress of ideas, in the expression of thought and emotion that is in literature; go out of this atmosphere into a region where it does not exist, it may be into a place given up to commerce and exchange, or to manufacturing, or to the development of certain other industries, such as mining, or the pursuit of office-which is sometimes called politics.
There is no doubt, according to the British Admiralty Office,-which should be authority upon the matter,- that the flag under which the MAY-FLOWER, and all other vessels of the merchant marine of Great Britain, sailed, at the time she left England (as noted concerning the SPEEDWELL), was what became known as the "Union Jack," as decreed by James the First, in 1606, supplanting the English ensign, which had been the red cross of St. George upon a white field.

Examples of Office-which

Example #1
So confident were the group in the self-contained properties of each of their branches that the raid of any one establishment meant for them nothing more than a temporary financial loss.
Example #2
The French detective congratulated himself upon the completeness of his Paris operation.
Example #3
He should not have written the report.
Example #4
Herbert Fellingham wreaked his personal spite on Tinman.
Example #5
You will speedily be aware how completely apart from human life literature is held to be, how few people regard it seriously as a necessary element in life, as anything more than an amusement or a vexation.
Example #6
And it may chance that you have, for the moment, a sense of insignificance in the small part you are playing in the drama going forward.