Oncet in a sentence

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How to use oncet in a sentence. Oncet pronunciation.

He jumps to de middle o' de ring to grab de plate an 'Bang'-bout four guns go off all at oncet, an Mister Green fall to de floor plum dead shot through de head.
When I walk slow he slow down, an when I stop, he stop, never oncet lookin roun.
He come through there on the train and stopped over night oncet.
But look here oncet, Clancy.
I got ketched thet way oncet!
She shore looks fighty, with 'er head down an' 'er eyes rollin' all ways t' oncet, ready fer the first darn cuss that makes a crooked move!

Examples of Oncet

Example #1
All de gals begin to cast sheep's eyes at him, an hope he gonna choose dem when day start playin games.
Example #2
He look kinda slick an dressed-up-diffunt from de rest.
Example #3
My feets make a noise on de cinders tween de rails, but he doan make a mite o' noise.
Example #4
He was tull, an had on a derby hat, an stylish black clothes.
Example #5
He was known by Dr. Jameson and he came to Perry to see about the food for the soldiers.
Example #6
She made the finest kind of stitches while I worked around de table or did any other kind of house work.