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The fellows were having dessert, or, probably, were filing out into the corridors, the younger chaps to go to the study hall and the older ones-the lordly seniors, of whom he had been one-on the way to their rooms.
She and Matthew drove in one fine September morning, after a tearful parting with Diana and an untearful practical one-on Marilla's side at least-with Marilla.
It contains, however, one paragraph at least by which it is likely to be remembered, a hoax-his last one-on the reader.
We have summoned this various multitude-and, to the credit of our nature, it is a large one-on the principle of Love.

Examples of One-on

Example #1
The picture of his own cheerful, gay room in the senior corridor was before his mind; of that room as it was before the telegram came, before the lawyer came with the letter, before the end of everything as he knew it and the beginning of-this.
Example #2
Dinner would be nearly over by now.
Example #3
But when Anne had gone Diana dried her tears and went to a beach picnic at White Sands with some of her Carmody cousins, where she contrived to enjoy herself tolerably well; while Marilla plunged fiercely into unnecessary work and kept at it all day long with the bitterest kind of heartache-the ache that burns and gnaws and cannot wash itself away in ready tears.
Example #4
The day finally came when Anne must go to town.
Example #5
It did not altogether fulfil its purpose, and is hardly to be ranked as one of Mark Twain's successes.
Example #6
Clemens could work at "The Lair," often writing in shady seclusions along the shore, and he finished there the two-part serial,-[ Published in Harper's Magazine for January and February, 1902.]-"The Double-Barrelled Detective Story," intended originally as a burlesque on Sherlock Holmes.