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Since the horses had not been fed for their midday-meal, I had in any case to put in at the one-third-way town.
I remember that, while driving through the beautiful natural park that masks the approach to the one-third-way town from the south, I as much as reproached myself because I allowed Nature to interfere with my grim purpose of speed.
He had come in from that one-third-way town that morning.
Still, while we were going west, and later, north into the one-third-way town, the drive was one of the most marvellously beautiful ones that I had had during that winter of marvellous sights.

Examples of One-third-way

Example #1
It had a drug store; so there was my last chance of getting what might possibly be needed.
Example #2
All the greater was my responsibility.
Example #3
Half intentionally I conjured up the vision of an infinitely lonesome old age for myself, and again the sudden palpitation in my veins nearly prompted me to send my horses into a gallop.
Example #4
I did so even more than I liked.
Example #5
I knew the trails which he described as summer-roads, had gone over them a good many times, though never in winter; so, the task of finding the trail should not offer any difficulty.
Example #6
There was no doubt, he of all men should certainly know which was the best road for the first seventeen miles.