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How to use one-two-three-four-five in a sentence. One-two-three-four-five pronunciation.

One-two-three-four-five," she counted, and paused.
They work downtown, and they'll arrive Out here at one-two-three-four-five.
By Mrs. Alfred Gatty ONE-two-three-four-five; five neatly-raked kitchen-garden beds, four of them side by side, with a pathway between; the fifth a narrow slip, heading the others, and close to the gravel walk, as it was for succession-crops of mustard and cress, which are often wanted in a hurry for breakfast or tea.

Examples of One-two-three-four-five

Example #1
Marc'antonio half raised his two fists, clenching them for a moment, but dropped them by his side, turned his back, and began to walk obediently towards the tree.
Example #2
Her face was set like a flint, her tone relentless.
Example #3
The Heckuses are four all told.
Example #4
They own a big black auto'bile.
Example #5
Most people have stood by such beds in their own kitchen-gardens on soft spring mornings and evenings, and looked for the coming up of the seeds which either they or the gardener had sown.
Example #6
It finished up by rolling the caps into the village pond, and the farmer and the boys had to stand a long time fishing for them before they got them out.