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How to use only-hi in a sentence. Only-hi pronunciation.

This time the young medical man smiled with his lips only-his eyes were grave and troubled.
The room he entered was the library, and it was tenanted by a single person only-his patron the Duke.
Myself and my child only-his wife and his child.

Examples of Only-hi

Example #1
Bill indicated the leather-framed photograph which was prominently featured above the other bunk.
Example #2
He turned cheerfully back to his task.
Example #3
During this long interval of years the Duke had lost all his heaviness of build.
Example #4
A faint, though deep, voice told him to come in.
Example #5
Men have been killed for lesser wrongs, but the right to kill does not belong to you.
Example #6
In that moment Ranulph learned more than he had ever guessed of life's subtle distinctions and the workings of a woman's mind; and he knew that she was right.