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How to use oon in a sentence. Oon pronunciation.

Blood and oons, answered Breton, I was there, and can prove it easily; nay, even where you, my lord, dared not have been.
Yes: that's how we dress when we're ruined," said she. - "At home in the barton you said 'thee' and 'thou,' And 'thik oon,' and 'theas oon,' and 't'other'; but now Your talking quite fits 'ee for high compa-ny!
Gordon agrees with Stukeley in attributing Arthur's Oon to Agricola, and here Monkbarns and Lovel adopt almost his words.
For instance, Gl (which with them is a single letter, as 'th' is a single letter with the Greeks) at the commencement of a word infers an assemblage or union of things, sometimes kindred, sometimes dissimilar-as Oon, a house; Gloon, a town (i. e., an assemblage of houses).
Ja niin nyt aavaa merta uin, ma maailmass' yksin oon: - Mua muut ei kaipaa itkusuin, siis kaipuu haihtukoon!
I ha married oon Garsoon, a boy; oon pesant, by gar.
Amirall 1090 Was lord, and he a Stieward hadde, Oon Thelos, which al was badde, A fals knyht and a renegat.
That levere him were forto save Oon of his lieges than to have Of enemis a thousend dede.

Examples of Oon

Example #1
Whereupon it was concluded that they should send some discreet man unto Picrochole, to know wherefore he had thus suddenly broken the peace and invaded those lands unto which he had no right nor title.
Example #2
Then assembled he his council, and proposed the matter as it was indeed.
Example #3
Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town?
Example #4
O 'Melia, my dear, this does everything crown!
Example #5
In another point Monkbapns borrows from Gordon.
Example #6
The plate is dedicated to his excellency General Wade.