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Definition of Optimal

  • Best possible; most desirable; optimum; as, the optimal concentration of a drug.

How to use optimal in a sentence. Optimal pronunciation.

There will also be a need to deal with a glut of information - already we see Internet search engines reinventing themselves to try to provide a more optimal and efficient portal.
Pour que ces échanges prennent place dans un environnement optimal, il convient encore de développer les outils qui amélioreront la compatibilité.
Finding the optimal network for our needs, will take time, but is well worth the effort.

Examples of Optimal

Example #1
The future of the Internet in general I see as becoming more popular and yet more fraught with conflict over the growth of commercialism and the perception that the Net's devolutionary spirit has been undermined.
Example #2
In my personal future, I'd like to get a B.S., M.S., and M.Eng, working in the industry for a while before moving on to write about the medium for some reputable publication.
Example #3
La gestion complète des diacritiques ne constitue qu'un exemple de ce qui peut encore être entrepris.
Example #4
La multiplication des langues présentes sur internet est inévitable, et ne peut que bénéficier aux échanges multiculturels.
Example #5
I think the figures may surprise you.
Example #6
You will just have to bear them in mind when estimating typical jobs, measuring speeds, calculating costs, and comparing networks.