Orrible in a sentence

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How to use orrible in a sentence. Orrible pronunciation.

Only people 'ud call 'im Perce, of course, an' that would be 'orrible.
Them silly fools stood there choking and sobbing and patting each other on the back as though they'd never leave off, and all of a sudden I 'ad a 'orrible suspicion that I 'ad been done.
The excitement of that last little bit was 'orrible.
The mice is 'orrible in this 'ere road.

Examples of Orrible

Example #1
I mean it 'as a nice sound.
Example #2
I'd jump at the chance if I got it.
Example #3
I. "Because you took charge of 'em," said the skipper; "and I know wot a clever, sharp chap you are.
Example #4
It stands to reason that you wouldn't be responsible for a box like that unless you saw inside of it.
Example #5
Fust of all we 'ad got to get the mattress, and then in some way we 'ad got to get rid o' Jimmy.
Example #6
We beat about in the channel with a strong 'ead-wind for four days, and then a tug picked us up and towed us to London.