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Igitur rex Monsorellum, qui tunc forte in aula erat, clam revocat, et literas Bussii ei ostendit; additque se decoris familiae et ejus dignitatis perquam studiosum, noluisse rem adeo injuriosam eum celare; ceterum scire ipsum debere, quid consilii in tali occasione se capere deceat et oporteat.
Ego quoque hercle illum antehac hominem semper sum frugi ratus, verum hoc facto sese ostendit, qui quidem cum filio potet una atque una amicam ductet, decrepitus senex.
Quid ubi ei ostendit symbolum?

Examples of Ostendit

Example #1
While the Duke of Anjou was still at Court, he had shown in jest to the King, a letter which had been written to him by Louis de Clermont Bussy d'Ambois.
Example #2
In this letter, owing to the very intimate terms on which he stood with his young patron, he told him that he had enclosed and caught in his net the hind of a mighty hunter.
Example #3
Pol ni istaec vera essent, numquam faceret ea quae nunc facit.
Example #4
But from now on you must realize that he is the very scum of the earth, a toping man, a worthless, immoral man that hates the wife of his bosom.
Example #5
And what when he showed him the token? _Chrys.
Example #6
Immediately Mnesilochus summoned that old gentleman, Pelagon, that’s been our friend so long; in his presence he promptly shows the fellow the token, the one you gave your son yourself to carry to him.