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Definition of Other

  • Different from that which, or the one who, has been specified; not the same; not identical; additional; second of two.
  • Not this, but the contrary; opposite; as, the other side of a river.
  • Alternate; second; -- used esp. in connection with every; as, every other day, that is, each alternate day, every second day.
  • Otherwise.
  • not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied

How to use other in a sentence. Other pronunciation.

Yet there the voices sounded, one sharp and peevish with anger, the other low and rough.
But after other conquests there have been peace and order and law.
There are the poor men and humble-the pashas and judges and the others of the Medjidie, as thee said, are not poor.
Kaid addressed his conversation again and again to David, asking questions put to disconcert the consuls and other official folk present, confident in the naive reply which would be returned.
Demonstration was discouraged, if not forbidden, among the Quakers, and if, to others, it gave a cold and austere manner, in David it tempered to a warm stillness the powerful impulses in him, the rivers of feeling which sometimes roared through his veins.
It is fortunate for thee that the tribute is from thy hand to my hand, and not through many others to mine.
As they passed through, a hand drew aside the curtains on the other side of the room which they were leaving.
He sat in the place where Kaid had left him, his face drawn and white, his eyes burning, but with no other "sign of agitation.
He rearranged the other pieces on the table mechanically, seeing, feeling another scene, another inanimate thing which must be for ever and for ever a picture burning in his memory.
It seemed as if the world must be noiseless, for not a sound of the life in other parts of the Palace came to him, not an echo or vibration of the city which stirred beyond the great gateway.
As a woman swims in a fountain, so shall I bathe in sweat for thee, who hath given with one hand and hath never taken with the other.
The other madman was in the next room.
Others I shall take also, but of them I shall write hereafter.
There was silence as they faced each other, his back against the door.
You are a Quaker, and Quakers are better than all other Christian people, are they not?
Do you realise how many times others have been trapped by him as was I?
In neither was any feeling of the heart begotten by their experiences; and yet they had gone deeper in each other's lives than any one either had known in a lifetime.
I had an uncle here in the East for twenty-five years, yet I knew him better than all others in the world.
He died in Kaid Pasha's Palace, where other men have died, and none has inquired too closely.
One by one we all had yielded to ceaseless intrigue and common distrust of each other, until no honest man was left; till all were intent to save their lives by holding power; for in this land to lose power is to lose life.

Examples of Other

Example #1
I could not hear what was said.
Example #2
The door was open, but I could see no one.
Example #3
As he made his way down the hillside again he fell to thinking upon all Faith had written.
Example #4
The return of the drunken chair-maker made a deep impression on him-almost as deep as the waking dreams he had had of his uncle calling him.
Example #5
Lacey looked at David with profound respect.
Example #6
Then, after a moment: "It'll do-by golly, it'll do!