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How to use out-but in a sentence. Out-but pronunciation.

If it doesn't turn out satisfactorily, I shall get a few lines-not too deep-put into the negative of the one taken under the crab-tree, and a little hair painted out-but not too much.
They had found a few late flowers, violets and marigolds and daisies and the like, and had strewn them before the bride as she left the church; and they lay there yet with bright hedgerow leaves to eke them out-but across the path, too, lay the dead body of a poor churl, dressed in his holiday gear, slain by a spear thrust, and the church was burning.
Some did so, some made an arrangement for keeping the parsonages, and paying a curate to take the service in church; but those who were the most really in earnest gave up everything, and were turned out-but only as they had turned out the former clergymen ten or twelve years before.
We may defend this house successfully for days-possibly we may even tire them out-but on the other hand they may prove too strong for us.
You're a good woman-I ain't lived a month in the house with you and not found that out-but if you hadn't had something more than goodness inside your head you wouldn't have got so much as a cent out of me again.
The other train might be late too, so it would be impossible for him to come out-but would she still wait?
I get into a drowsy habit on my long drives-especially when I am coming home-when the days' work is over-it seems good to stretch out-but I do apologize: What were you saying?
And the tide of words dried up in him; he choked; something was wrong with the universe; for if the clock stopped-_his_ clock-time-time must-he was unable to think it out-but time must surely get muddled and go wrong too.

Examples of Out-but

Example #1
I am anxiously awaiting the result, and trying to get rid of the crick in my neck and to unbuckle the smile in the meantime.
Example #2
I don't feel quite the same confidence myself.
Example #3
Now the men who jangled the bells for help came down in haste, terrified as the fire took hold of the roof, for the church was all of wood and very old.
Example #4
I rode fast over the bridge, for I feared for Humbert our good bishop, and when I came near the church the bells jangled, all unlike the wedding peals that I had heard so lately.
Example #5
All Oliver Cromwell's army was broken up, and the men sent to their homes, except one regiment which came from Coldstream in Scotland.
Example #6
The persons who had been put into the parishes to act as clergymen, were obliged to give place to the real original parish priest; but if he were dead, as was often the case, they were told that they might stay, if they would be ordained by the bishops and obey the Prayer-book.