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How to use out-out in a sentence. Out-out pronunciation.

Then I stepped suddenly out-out into the flood of moonlight-and confronted her.
Now as he went he stumbled and his foot struck a something soft and yielding that rolled before him in the shadow out-out into the full brilliance of the moon, and looking down, he beheld a mangled head that stared up at him wide-eyed and with mouth agape.
In the little world yonder, Sphinx, my place is as high as yours in this great desert; only I wander, and you sit still; I conquer, and you endure; I work and wonder, you watch and wait; I look up and am dazzled, look down and am darkened, look round and am puzzled, whilst your eyes never turn from looking out-out of the world-to the lost region-the home from which we have strayed.
Better be out of sight of peering eyes; Out-out of hearing of all-useless words, Spoken of tedious tongues in heedless ears.

Examples of Out-out

Example #1
She gave a little scream, and choked it as quickly on her lips.
Example #2
Hatherton! For an instant the hot blood rushed to my brain; I felt a sharp pang at my heart.
Example #3
Then Beltane let fall his reeking sword and staggering out into the light, saw his bright mail befouled with clotted blood, and of a sudden the world went black about him and he fell and lay with his face among the trampled grass.
Example #4
But, as for Beltane, he leaned a while against the tree as one who is very faint; yet soon, lifting heavy head, wondered at the hush of all things, and looking toward the clearing saw it empty and himself alone; therefore turned he thitherwards.
Example #5
Sphinx, you and I, strangers to the race of men, are no strangers to one another: have I not been conscious of you and of this place since I was born?
Example #6
I have found flocks and pastures, men and cities, but no other Caesar, no air native to me, no man kindred to me, none who can do my day's deed, and think my night's thought.