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Definition of Outlander

  • A foreigner.
  • a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country

How to use outlander in a sentence. Outlander pronunciation.

There were outlanders who fell on us, and, as I think, stirred up the folk to carry on the business, telling them that we had slain ourselves, as one might say, for it was the cry that we had slain the jarl's guests.
Out of its insularity it made occasional excursions to dinners and week-ends; even into marriage, now and then with an outlander.
And if war came, if England must do this ugly thing, fulfil her bitter and terrible task, then what about such as this young outlander here, this outcast from home and goodly toil and civilized conditions, this sickly froth of the muddy and dolorous stream of lower England?
A little time before they had all gone to Glencader, however, he had discovered something concerning this agent of Paul Kruger in the heart of the Outlander camp, whom he employed, which had roused in him the worst passions of an outcast mind.
That he plotted to secure the betrayal of the Baas' country and the Outlander interest, while he would have given his life for the Baas, was but the twisted sense of a perverted soul.
He was no longer the stalwart Outlander who had done such great work in South Africa and had such power in political London and in international finance.
You have been too long among the Outlanders, Byng.
He tell Oom Paul how the thieves would to come in the night to sold him like sheep to a butcher, how the t'ousand wolves would swarm upon the sheepfold, and there would be no homes for the voortrekker and his vrouw, how the Outlander would sit on our stoeps and pick the peaches from our gardens.
The sight of an Earthman on Vega III, where it was impossible for an outlander to be, brought angry crowds to surround John Crownwall as he strode toward the palace of Viceroy Tronn Ffallk, ruler of Sector XII of the Universal Holy Empire of Sunda.
Otherwise your Britisher does not bother himself with what the outlander may or may not do.

Examples of Outlander

Example #1
Here have I been beset in my own house, and but for your guests some of us would have come off badly.
Example #2
Sigurd cried, facing the people.
Example #3
But almost always it went back, eager for its home of dressing-room and footlights, of stage entrances up dirty alleys, of door-keepers and managers and parts and costumes.
Example #4
She had forgotten that the theater was like an island, cut off from the rest of the world, having its own politics, its own society divided by caste, almost its own religion.
Example #5
So much withdrawn from the sources of the possible relief, so much less with which to deal with their miseries-perhaps hundreds of millions, mopped up by the parched and unproductive soil of battle and disease and loss.
Example #6
He glanced at the paper again.