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It was but from an over-activity of bustling exertion that it might have been perceived, by a close observer, that her actions were spurred by some internal cause of painful excitement; and such a spectator, too, might also have observed how often she broke off the snatches of songs or tunes which she hummed, apparently without knowing what she was doing, in order to cast a hasty glance from the door of the hut.
The over-activity of their minds will choke the birth of such powers, or dull them.
This antithetic reaction to the stimulus of increased H-ion concentration is an adaptation to prevent animals from committing suicide by over-activity, for the mechanism for the initiation and control of the transformation of energy is in the higher centers of the brain, while an essential part of the mechanism for the neutralization of acidity-the centers governing circulation and respiration- is in the medulla.
But just because the incurious idleness of the Turk is excessive, so as to be detrimental to completeness of living, it is unfit to supply us with the hints we need concerning the causes, character, and effects of our over-activity.

Examples of Over-activity

Example #1
Whatever might be in the mind of Hamish, his demeanour was directly the reverse of that adopted by his mother.
Example #2
Whatever was at her heart, all anxiety seemed banished from her looks and demeanour.
Example #3
The race will be less in touch with Nature, some day, than its dogs.
Example #4
The greatest is this: they have such small psychic powers.
Example #5
This explains many clinical phenomena- why excessive acidity causes paralysis, why there is great thirst after inhalation anesthesia, after excessive muscular activity, excessive emotion-after all those activities which we have found to be acid-producing, for water, like air, neutralizes acids.
Example #6
SUMMARY Acidity inhibits the functions of the cerebral cortex, but stimulates those of the medulla.