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How to use over-coloured in a sentence. Over-coloured pronunciation.

I choose the over-coloured thing three times out of five-it used to be more than that.
Then you'd choose the over-coloured thing not more than two times, perhaps one time, out of five.
One, and all but her waist was huge, wore a bodice of transparent gauze; another, also of middle years, had crowned her hard over-coloured face with a large gentian-blue hat turned up in front with a brass buckle.
The name of the theatre reminded him of Lizzie Baker, and he compared the pale, refined face of the bar girl with the over-coloured woman- his hostess.

Examples of Over-coloured

Example #1
Instinctively I want to blaze.
Example #2
It is the same in everything.
Example #3
Your orientalism is only undisciplined self-will.
Example #4
To this Alice had replied: "A really selfish husband-not a difficult thing to find-would soon keep you down sufficiently.
Example #5
Another was in pink silk and heavily powdered.
Example #6
There were only three or four really vulgar-looking women present, and they were clothed in conspicuous raiment.