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How to use over-enjoyed in a sentence. Over-enjoyed pronunciation.

But, though he thus grasped something of what was going on in her, he was none the less uneasy under it: just as her feverish unburdening of herself after hours of silence, so now her attitude towards this mere change of nature disquieted him; she over-enjoyed it, let herself go in its exuberance.
It has been very, very pleasant, and, if anything, I have over-enjoyed myself.
Small blame to them if they took and enjoyed, and over-enjoyed, the prizes of politics, the pleasures of social life.

Examples of Over-enjoyed

Example #1
And, as usual, when she lost hold of her nerves, he found himself retreating into his shell, practising self-control for two.
Example #2
A remembrance of this parched heat was in her veins, making her eager not to miss any of the young, teeming beauty around her, or one of the new strange scents; eager to let the magic of this awakening permeate her and amaze her, like a primeval happening.
Example #3
But if there was to be any self-sacrifice which could be had, as it were, at a bargain; which could be fairly divided between them, and leave him the self and her the sacrifice, he was too experienced a husband not to see the advantage of it, or to refuse the merit.
Example #4
The fact was, he was sick of travel and of leisure; he was longing to be at home and at work again.
Example #5
I would not if I could.
Example #6
I do not know even whether I could prove a marriage.