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How to use over in a sentence. Over pronunciation.

Some may say that it is useless and unnecessary to lay so much stress on correct thinking and precise expression; that it has no practical value; for they say that “business” language is good enough to “talk business,” or to put “something over” the other fellow.
Well, if it had to happen, it is a good thing that it is over,” was the dispassionate response.
I will think it over,” said Daniel, got up, and left the room.
It is all over,” he thought, “he has forgotten me.

Examples of Over

Example #1
But a little explanation will show that precision is often of the greatest importance.
Example #2
As a matter of fact our common daily speech is ill adapted for the precise expression of thought; even so-called “scientific” language is often too vague for the purpose and requires further refining.
Example #3
Yes, it is possible; it had to happen,” said Daniel.
Example #4
Then she set the table, got everything ready for the meal, went in and out of the room in a most cheerful way, and did not forget to put the water on the stove to boil.
Example #5
It is unpleasant for him,” complained Dorothea; “he values his leisure above everything else in the world.
Example #6
Daniel cast an angry look at Dorothea.