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How to use over-over in a sentence. Over-over pronunciation.

But now I'm going over-over the border.
The main-sheet tautened with a brisk rattling of the blocks, the boom uplifted, the sail bellied out, and the Reindeer heeled over-over, and over, till the lee-rail went under, the cabin windows went under, and the bay began to pour in over the cockpit rail.
If the Black went down to defeat, U-Dor could move his victorious piece on to the square occupied by Tara of Helium and the game would be over-over in four moves and lost to Gahan of Gathol.

Examples of Over-over

Example #1
And I want to know.
Example #2
You never spoke to me, never noticed me, never gave me a chance to ask you.
Example #3
So violently had she heeled over, that the men in the cabin had been thrown on top of one another into the lee bunk, where they squirmed and twisted and were washed about, those underneath being perilously near to drowning.
Example #4
Then the wind struck us.
Example #5
If the Orange lost U-Dor would have sacrificed one of his most important pieces and more than lost what advantage the first move might have given him.
Example #6
The eyes of the players were fastened upon the contestants, the spectators leaned forward in their seats after the first applause that had greeted the move, and silence fell upon the vast assemblage.