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How to use over-when in a sentence. Over-when pronunciation.

But I had not yet gone very far-a mile perhaps, or a little over-when the trees began to bend under the impact of that squall.
But even then, maam, why should we be held together when thats all over-when the girls are married and the boys out in the world and in business for themselves?
He forced himself to read as usual, and when he "could make nothing of it," he took long walks in all weathers, so as to keep his "helplessness" out of his mother's sight, believing that when the necessity for exertion should be over-when he could get out of the groove into which it would have perhaps been better that he had never put himself, all would be as it had been before.
When the first heart-piercing hours were over-when her horror at his delirium was no longer fresh, she began to be conscious of her relief from the burden of decision as to her future course.

Examples of Over-when

Example #1
Nearly at the same moment the sun, which so far had been shining in an intermittent way, was blotted from the sky, and it turned almost dusky.
Example #2
The cliffs of black poplar boles engulfed me at once: a sheltered grade.
Example #3
When thats done with, the real work of the marriage is done with.
Example #4
Because of the children, Rejjy. COLLINS.
Example #5
And said he grimly: "If the worse comes to the worst, I can but fall to breaking stones again.
Example #6
He did his best against it, or he thought he did so.