Overed in a sentence

The word "overed" in a example sentences. Learn the definition of overed and how to use it in a sentence.

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How to use overed in a sentence. Overed pronunciation.

It was a terrible shock to him, that, and he never overed it.
Your da's death was a fearful blow to her, and she never overed it.
She hit himself with a worn pick, and the rusted poison did corrode his blood the way he never overed it, and died after.

Examples of Overed

Example #1
You must just let things go on as they're going.
Example #2
I don't believe you'll foe content to be a teacher.
Example #3
And she thought I was a bad influence on you, filling your head with stuff out of books.
Example #4
You see, John, women are not like men ...
Example #5
That was a sneaky kind of murder did win small glory with the boys itself.
Example #6
Walk on from this, for I'll not have him tormented and he destroyed travelling since Tuesday was a week.