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Definition of Oversleep

  • To sleep beyond; as, to oversleep one's self or one's usual hour of rising.
  • To sleep too long.
  • sleep longer than intended

How to use oversleep in a sentence. Oversleep pronunciation.

He doesn't generally oversleep himself like this.
XXXI Swithin's midnight excursion to the tower in the cause of science led him to oversleep himself, and when the brother and sister met at breakfast in the morning he did not appear.
Even if I oversleep myself, I can brazen it out.
She would have knelt on for hours, leaning dreamily on the new sense of the habitual words, 'Our Father,' had not Miss Fennimore come kindly and tenderly to undress her, insisting on her saving herself, and promising not to let her oversleep herself, treating her with wise and soothing affection, and authority that was most comfortable.
Although our beds of leaves were tolerably comfortable, and our clothes were dry, we did not oversleep ourselves, but awoke at daybreak the next morning.
Clemens was not in the best humor because I had allowed him to oversleep.
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Examples of Oversleep

Example #1
If he will go with me, we will explore that crack.
Example #2
Most of this I got on myself scraping down the burnt vines.
Example #3
How to extinguish that romantic folly it now became his object to consider.
Example #4
True, an admission had been wrung from her; and even without such an admission it was clear that she had a tender feeling for Swithin.
Example #5
He's only a green country boy.
Example #6
He tucked the money away in his own pocket, and sat on the edge of the bedstead in meditation.