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A fine liberal style of nature seemed to be: hair crisped, moustache springing thick and dark, head firmly planted, lips finished, as is commonly sees them in gentlemen's families, a pupil well contracted, and a mouth that opened frankly with a white flash of teeth that looked as if they could serve him as they say Ethan Allen's used to serve their owner,-to draw nails with.
Why should the mother love her child, if it is born to become the PROPERTY of her owner?-to be SOLD as soon as it can exist without the mother's care.
When they leave their native shores for America, their dream is to become a land owner-to have fields, to own trees, and to listen to the music of their own brooks.
We found a couple of blacks in the house-an old man and a woman, servants of the owner-to look after it.

Examples of Owner-to

Example #1
His complexion had something better than the bloom and freshness which had first attracted me;-it had that diffused tone which is a sure index of wholesome, lusty life.
Example #2
I don't know what put this into my head, for it was not till some time afterward I learned the young fellow had been in the naval school at Annapolis.
Example #3
Why should the girl be modest, when she knows that she is the actual PROPERTY, the slave, of every purchaser?
Example #4
The natural love of offspring, shared with the human race by the most savage beast, ceases to warm the heart of the wretched slave.
Example #5
The moment they arrive the mass of them seek the West, where land can be obtained.
Example #6
In his country, to own a piece of land was to be respectable, almost a nobleman.