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How to use pain-he in a sentence. Pain-he pronunciation.

Heat, thirst, hunger, loneliness, toil, fear, ferocity, pain-he knew them all.
Saturday night was spent in great pain-he had but few intervals of ease.
Little Nelly's young heart was deeply grieved as she heard her father groan with pain-he who had never had a day's illness that she could recollect.
After a few moments-that were to him, in his perturbed state, like endless hours of pain-he felt a hand laid on his shoulder.

Examples of Pain-he

Example #1
He had felt them all-the white sun, with its glazed, coalescing, lurid fire; the caked split lips and rasping, dry-puffed tongue; the sickening ache in the pit of his stomach; the insupportable silence, the empty space, the utter desolation, the contempt of life; the weary ride, the long climb, the plod in sand, the search, search, search for water; the sleepless night alone, the watch and wait, the dread of ambush, the swift flight; the fierce pursuit of men wild as Bedouins and as fleet, the willingness to deal sudden death, the pain of poison thorn, the stinging tear of lead through flesh; and that strange paradox of the burning desert, the cold at night, the piercing icy wind, the dew that penetrated to the marrow, the numbing desert cold of the dawn.
Example #2
The desert had multiplied weeks into years.
Example #3
On the evening of this day he appeared to feel much of what had been said to him by the Rev. Mr. H., who had visited him frequently.
Example #4
The Lord is good, yes, the Lord is good to them who put their trust in him.
Example #5
Nothing the dame could think of relieved him.
Example #6
All hope of doing anything on the water for that night, at all events, must be abandoned; the weather was even too bad to allow Michael to fish in the harbour.