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How to use pain-it in a sentence. Pain-it pronunciation.

Though I feel that my soul is delivered To Pain-it shall not be its slave.
A little pain-it's gone now.
It moaned as if in pain-it whined, it cried.
It takes courage to bear pain-it takes courage to be tired and not complain.
She answered that it was not a pain-it was a distress, an _agony_. But from first to last she never uttered a groan-not during the sharpest paroxysms of distress.

Examples of Pain-it

Example #1
The royal assent was given to a bill for "restoring Edward Fox Fitzgerald and his sisters Pamela and Lucy to their blood," July 13, 1819.
Example #2
For [William Thomas] Fitgerald, see _Poetical Works_, 1898, i. 297, note 3; for Lord Edward Fitzgerald (1763-1798), see _Letters_, 1900, iv. 345, note 1.
Example #3
I never got such a turn in my life.
Example #4
Even in the midst of her excitement Caroline noticed it.
Example #5
Then at times it would seem strangely silent.
Example #6
It had voice, this river, and one strangely changeful.