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How to use pain-she in a sentence. Pain-she pronunciation.

She knew his feelings on such matters-his independence of traditional judgments, his horror of inflicting needless pain-she was as sure of his intellectual assent as of her own.
Aunt Anne was doing what Maggie had never seen her do before, even in the worst bouts of her pain-she was crying ...
His stammered embarrassed thanks at the relief-for he had been in considerable pain-she accepted with a certain pride as a tribute to her skill, a tribute which Dr. Duchesne himself afterward fully indorsed.

Examples of Pain-she

Example #1
She was even sure that, when she told him, he would appreciate her reasons for not telling him before....
Example #2
And, after all, she had had Amherst's virtual consent to her act!
Example #3
In everything I have done ill ... Everything has failed in my hands-" Once again, as long before at St. Dreot's, Maggie could do nothing.
Example #4
I want real life, banks and motor-cars and shops and clothes and work ...
Example #5
On re-entering his room the third or fourth morning after his advent at the Summit House, she noticed with some concern that there was a slight flush on his cheek and a certain exaltation which she at first thought presaged fever.
Example #6
This, indeed, she did a week later, when the surgeon had failed to call, unveiling his neck and arm with professional coolness, and supporting him in her slim arms against her stiff, erect buckramed breast, while she replaced the splints with masculine firmness of touch and serene and sexless indifference.