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How to use paint-a in a sentence. Paint-a pronunciation.

One month, only one month it was, and then he went away to Madeira to paint-'a big commission,' he said; and he would send for me as soon as he could get money in hand-certainly in a couple of months.
Yes, Pearl, here I am, a country doctor, with an office in need of paint-a very good medical library-in need of reading-a very common-place, second-rate doctor-who will never be a great success, who will just continue to grub along.
It seemed rather such as might have been produced by luminous paint-a mixture luminous in the dark after exposure to the light.

Examples of Paint-a

Example #1
Byng muttered a malediction under his breath and leaned towards her sympathetically.
Example #2
You were married to Blantyre?
Example #3
With you, Pearl, it is different.
Example #4
We don't stop at Canadian affairs-the world is not too wide for us!
Example #5
The luminous appearance of the drapery did not seem to be due to phosphorus-it did not fume.
Example #6
A very strong odor of sandal-wood prevailed, and the smell of phosphorus, even if it had been used, could not easily, at a little distance, have been discerned.