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But in Velay, in strata containing some species of fossil mammalia common to the Limagne, no less than four species of Palaeothere have been found by M. Aymard, and one of these is generally supposed to be identical with Palaeotherium magnum, an undoubted Upper Eocene fossil, of the Paris gypsum, the other three being peculiar.
The Palaeothere above alluded to resembled the living tapir in the form of the head, and in having a short proboscis, but its molar teeth were more like those of the rhinoceros.
The Palaeotheres were more or less between the horse and the tapir in structure; the Anoplotheres between the tapir and the ruminant.

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Example #1
Not a few of the other mammalia of the Limagne belong undoubtedly to genera and species elsewhere proper to the Lower Miocene.
Example #2
Some of the lowest beds may be of Upper Eocene date, although, according to M. Pomel, only one bone of a Palaeotherium has been discovered in Auvergne.
Example #3
Palaeotherium magnum was of the size of a horse, three or four feet high.
Example #4
In the same Binstead stone Mr. Pratt and the Reverend Darwin Fox first discovered the remains of mammalia characteristic of the gypseous series of Paris, as Palaeotherium magnum (Figure 174), Palaeotherium medium, Palaeotherium minus, Palaeotherium minimum, Palaeotherium curtum, Palaeotherium crassum; also Anoplotherium commune (Figure 173), Anoplotherium secundarium, Dichobune cervinum, and Chaeropotamus Cuvieri.
Example #5
A third doomed branch, the Titanotheres, flourished vigorously for a time, and begot some strange and monstrous forms (Brontops, Titanops, etc.).
Example #6
There were also in the early Tertiary several sidebranches of the horse-tapir-rhinoceros family.