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How to use pale-gray in a sentence. Pale-gray pronunciation.

Then Dick remembered the name, and now he saw where the desert got its pale-gray color.
In that administration the man "next" the President was his Secretary of the Treasury, John Branch, cold and smooth and able, secreting, in his pale-gray soul, an icy passion for power more relentless than heat ever bred.
For a moment he hung suspended above the encrusted axle, peering with blinking pale-gray eyes over a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles.
During my four weeks' sojourn in England I have had another lofty honor, a continuous honor, an honor which has flowed serenely along, without halt or obstruction, through all these twenty-six days, a most moving and pulse-stirring honor-the heartfelt grip of the hand, and the welcome that does not descend from the pale-gray matter of the brain, but rushes up with the red blood from the heart.

Examples of Pale-gray

Example #1
A huge, lofty, fluted column of green was a saguaro, or giant cactus.
Example #2
A twisting-trunked tree with full foliage of small gray leaves Nell called a mesquite.
Example #3
To speak of him as unscrupulous would be like attributing moral quality to a reptile.
Example #4
For him principle did not exist, except as an eccentricity of some strangely-constructed men which might be used to keep them down.
Example #5
In his appearance there was the hint of a scholarly intention unfulfilled, and his dress, despite its general carelessness, bespoke a different standard of taste from that of the isolated dwellers in the surrounding fields.
Example #6
A casual observer might have classified him as one of the Virginian landowners impoverished by the war; in reality, he was a successful lawyer in a neighbouring town, who, amid the overthrow of the slaveholding gentry some twenty years before, had risen into a provincial prominence.