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Before he had come to the oasis it had been inhabited by a Papago Indian tribe and a few peon families.
The fact that Ladd had not shown up miles west of the Papago Well was significant.
A mile up the arroyo, near its head, lay the Papago Well.
This house was a Papago Indian habitation, and a month before had been occupied by a family that had been murdered or driven off by a roving band of outlaws.
One Indian was a Papago.
At the third shot the Papago shrieked and tumbled off his burro to fall in a heap.
The Mexican made no move to trample the body of the Papago.
The Papago had been shot through the heart, but the Yaqui was still alive.
Papago Well, Gale dismounted and walked beside the horse, steadying with one firm hand the helpless, dangling Yaqui.
I gave him a bag of food, and he went off with a Papago Indian.
An' I can't trust a Mexican or a Papago.
The Papago herdsman slept in the adobe shed adjoining.
Evidently the Papago had been false to his trust.
Mebbe the Papago went inside to pick out the best hosses.
To the right stretched the road toward Papago Well and the Sonoyta Oasis.
A cold, gray dawn was fleeing before a rosy sun when Yaqui halted the march at Papago Well.
Sunset was not far off, and there in a bare, spotted valley lay Coyote Tanks, the only waterhole between Papago Well and the Sonoyta Oasis.
That Papago 'd have ruined us.
An' if I'd had that one shot never in the world could I have picked the Papago guide.
You can gamble the Papago alive meant slim chance for us.

Examples of Papago

Example #1
The oasis lay in an arroyo a mile wide, and sloped southwest for some ten miles or more.
Example #2
Belding explained that the luxuriance of this desert place was owing to a few springs and the dammed-up waters of the Rio Forlorn.
Example #3
The sun had hidden behind clouds all the latter part of that day, an unusual occurrence for that region even in winter.
Example #4
Ladd had long been overdue in a prearranged meeting with Gale.
Example #5
The need of water for his horse entailed a risk that otherwise he could have avoided.
Example #6
He had ridden sixty miles since morning, and he was tired, and a not entirely healed wound in his hip made one leg drag a little.