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The next day I resumed my task-I found my power of writing considerably increased; my pen hurried rapidly over the paper-my brain was in a wonderfully teeming state; many scenes and visions which I had not thought of before were evolved, and, as fast as evolved, written down; they seemed to be more pat to my purpose, and more natural to my history, than many others which I had imagined before, and which I made now give place to these newer creations: by about midnight I had added thirty fresh pages to my _Life and Adventures of Joseph Sell_.
Meanwhile, Paul returned to his room and wrote a letter, three words of which he had put on paper-"My dear Princess"-when the summons to meet the Chief Whip had come.
This says she now when she is beginning to write to him: for she'll be up twenty times a night: and there will she sit in her smock, till she have writ a sheet of paper:-my daughter tells us all. Claud.

Examples of Paper-my

Example #1
The third day arose-it was dark and dreary out of doors, and I passed it drearily enough within; my brain appeared to have lost much of its former glow, and my pen much of its power; I, however, toiled on, but at midnight had only added seven pages to my history of Joseph Sell.
Example #2
I partook of some bread and water; and before I went to bed that night, I had completed fifteen pages of my life of Joseph Sell.
Example #3
The unblotted ink had dried hard.
Example #4
The Leader made a faint gesture of philosophic doubt.
Example #5
O!-When she had writ it, and was reading it over, she found Benedick and Beatrice between the sheet? Claud.
Example #6
Hath she made her affection known to Benedick?