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How to use pardieu in a sentence. Pardieu pronunciation.

Pardieu! that grove of the apes!
Both these gentlemen, together with Pardieu De la Motte, general of the artillery, were voluntarily absent from the forces, under pretext of celebrating the wedding of the Seigneur De Bersel with the niece and heiress of the unfortunate Marquis of Bergen.
The girl said monsieur knew very well that she did not desire better than to come out with baby; that it was better than staying at home, pardieu; and, the clock striking at this moment, she rose up with her child, crying out that it was time to return or madame would scold.
Pardieu, my friend Lenny, if you live to be seventy, and ride in your carriage, and by the help of a dinner-pill digest a spoonful of curry, you may sigh to think what a relish there was in potatoes, roasted in ashes after you had digged them out of that ground with your own stout young hands.
Pardieu!" said he, in his clear tone of determination and will-"pardieu!
The Italian, who was not so sure of the Cardinal's disgrace as most of the courtiers, answered, without compromising himself: "Ah, Sire, the late successes of your Majesty at home and abroad prove your sagacity in choosing your instruments and in directing them, and-" But the Duc de Beaufort, interrupting him with that self-confidence, that loud voice and overbearing air, which subsequently procured him the surname of Important, cried out, vehemently: "Pardieu!
Je serais fâché de marcher sans vous; mais, pardieu, nous n'arriverons pas assez tôt pour porter les premiers coups.
Her heart is marble, as hard and as cold; her very virtue but the absence of emotion,-I would say, of gentler emotion; for, pardieu, such emotions as come from ire and pride and scorn are the daily growth of that stern soil.

Examples of Pardieu

Example #1
I assure you, monsieur, that I perform these delightful journeys regularly, and to be deprived of the key which opens the gate of this wonderland, is to me like being exiled from a loved one.
Example #2
Numberless apes-millions of apes, inhabit these groves, and as we two float along, they hurl orange blossoms-orange blossoms, you understand-until the canoe is filled with them.
Example #3
The ghost of that ill-starred noble might almost have seemed to rise at the nuptial banquet of his heiress, to warn the traitors of the signal and bloody massacre which their treachery was soon to occasion.
Example #4
Robert Melun, Vicomte de Gand, was commander of the cavalry, but he had recently been private envoy from Don John to the English Queen.
Example #5
Had I known your lordship's real character," Miss O'G was pleased to say, "no tortures would have induced me to do an act for which I have undergone penance.
Example #6
It was that black-hearted woman, my lord, who maligned your lordship to me: that woman whom I called friend once, but who is the most false, depraved, and dangerous of her sex.