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How to use parida in a sentence. Parida pronunciation.

On the fifth day after leaving Santa Fe, we entered the wretched little pueblo of Parida.
Gode had never made the journey, and at Parida I had obtained one thing that we stood in need of, a guide.
It was the one which the guide had ridden from Parida.

Examples of Parida

Example #1
It was my intention to have remained there all night, but it proved a ruffian sort of place, with meagre chances of comfort, and I moved on to Socorro.
Example #2
My wound began to pain me afresh, and the hot sun, and the dust, and the thirst, with the miserable accommodations of New Mexican posadas, vexed me to an excess of endurance.
Example #3
He had volunteered; and as I learnt that it would be no easy task to procure one at Socorro, I was fain to take him along.
Example #4
This is the last inhabited spot in New Mexico, as you approach the terrible desert, the Jornada del Muerte.
Example #5
One of the mules, the macho, was gone.
Example #6
My horse-but no-thank Heaven, he was there!