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Had he had his own way, he would have gone bare-footed, but that would have created comment in the streets of Paris-he had sense enough to know that. When he first perceived, by the dim light of a street lamp, two persons standing together on his side of the street, his conscience, without any reason for it, suggested that he cross over and pass by without attracting attention.
I have been reading up some European Scientific reports-friend of mine, Count Fugier, sent them to me-sends me all sorts of things from Paris-he thinks the world of me, Fugier does.
And yet-like every soul in Paris-he cherished a dream.

Examples of Paris-he

Example #1
To wrong-doers attention is generally unwelcome.
Example #2
He wore india-rubber overshoes, because the pavements were wet, and also because this sort of foot-gear suited him better than hard, unyielding sole-leather.
Example #3
Well, I saw that the Academy of France had been testing the properties of heat, and they came to the conclusion that it was a nonconductor or something like that, and of course its influence must necessarily be deadly in nervous organizations with excitable temperaments, especially where there is any tendency toward rheumatic affections.
Example #4
You must write and tell your father about it-don't forget that, now.
Example #5
Remonencq was happy in his dream; La Cibot had a dream of her own; and Dr. Poulain, too, dreamed.
Example #6
A man fashions himself to his lot, he accepts a commonplace existence; and Dr. Poulain, after ten years of his practice, continued his labors of Sisyphus without the despair that made early days so bitter.