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How to use pasley in a sentence. Pasley pronunciation.

Pasley of the Engineers, a book which I protested against at first, but which upon trial I find delightfully written and highly entertaining.
Pasley's book is too good for their society.
At Langholm, an old maiden lady, Miss Pasley, interested herself kindly in Janet Telford's rising boy.

Examples of Pasley

Example #1
I am as much in love with the author as I ever was with Clarkson or Buchanan, or even the two Mr. Smiths of the city.
Example #2
She has got Sir John Carr's "Travels in Spain," and I am reading a Society octavo, an "Essay on the Military Police and Institutions of the British Empire," by Capt.
Example #3
They will not understand a man who condenses his thoughts into an octavo.
Example #4
I have learned from Sir J. Carr that there is no Government House at Gibraltar.
Example #5
She lent him what of all things the eager lad most needed-books; and the young mason applied himself to them in all his spare moments with the vigorous ardour and perseverance of healthy youth.
Example #6
As long as she lived, indeed, he never forgot her; and one of the first tasks he set himself when he was out of his indentures was to cut a neat headstone with a simple but beautiful inscription for the grave of that shepherd father whom he had practically never seen.