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De telle façon, en une dizaine d'années, le fanatisme qui provoque les actes les plus téméraires fut inculqué aux plus molles, aux plus passives populations.
All passives and neuters end in _l_, and also a certain number of active verbs; these form the first conjugation, while the remaining three are of active verbs only.
I conceive there is a traditional magick, not learned immediately from the devil, but at second hand from his scholars, who, having once the secret betrayed, are able and do empirically practise without his advice; they both proceeding upon the principles of nature; where actives, aptly conjoined to disposed passives, will, under any master, produce their effects.
Many Latin passives have thus a ‘middle’ force; cf.

Examples of Passife

Example #1
Il ne faut pourtant pas exagérer la part d'influence afférente à l'Église et à l'école.
Example #2
La lutte d'influence entre les deux Églises donna lieu naturellement à de fréquentes mésintelligences et à de graves conflits, les Bulgares cherchant systématiquement à s'affermir sur tous les terrains, en vue de l'annexion future de la Macédoine.
Example #3
The time-forms of the verb are three, the present, the aorist, and the future.
Example #4
The conjugations of the verbs are four in number.
Example #5
Thus, I think, at first, a great part of philosophy was witchcraft; which, being afterward derived to one another, proved but philosophy, and was indeed no more than the honest effects of nature:-what invented by us, is philosophy; learned from him, is magick.
Example #6
We do surely owe the discovery of many secrets to the discovery of good and bad angels.