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Definition of Patiently

  • In a patient manner.
  • with patience; in a patient manner

How to use patiently in a sentence. Patiently pronunciation.

We frequently selected the trout we wanted, and rested the bait patiently and persistently on the end of his nose at a depth of eighty feet, but he would only shake it off with an annoyed manner, and shift his position.
How patiently she suffered whatever she thought was the Lord's will!
So the weeks passed on, but I remembered my promise and waited patiently for the Lord to enable me to fulfill that promise.
She had thought it, hitherto, enough patiently to wait His time.
He did not tell the young man he was a sinner and must flee from the wrath to come; he merely presented the _love_ of Jesus; the love that saved to the very _uttermost_; that waited more patiently than any earthly friend, and forgave more royally.
Her husband has borne long and patiently with her, and although she would for a long time leave off drinking, it was only to fall again still lower.
Thus he waited patiently until politeness would permit him to bring to an explanation the former friend and companion-in-arms of his father.
If you can imagine 1000 men crowded into space needed for 500, and then kept there without room to stand or move or sit for seven days, under a tropical sun, in foul holds utterly without ventilation (just imagine it!), endured without a single murmur or complaint, not stoically, but patiently and intelligently, while every officer on board is kicking as hard and as often as possible for the relief of his men, then you will have some idea of the situation.
Your one aim will be to establish a little place near the heathen where you may gather together the dispersed in Israel, patiently win back the wayward, and instruct the heathen tribes.
In the judgment I make of another man's life, I always observe how he carried himself at his death; and the principal concern I have for my own is that I may die well-that is, patiently and tranquilly.
Death is a part of you Denying all solicitation, both of hand and mind Did my discourses came only from my mouth or from my heart Die well-that is, patiently and tranquilly.
The child must not be oppressed or censured because it is undeveloped; it must be patiently trained.
Philip realised that they had done with life, these two quiet little people: they belonged to a past generation, and they were waiting there patiently, rather stupidly, for death; and he, in his vigour and his youth, thirsting for excitement and adventure, was appalled at the waste.
She spent the day by the river patiently fishing for fish she never caught, and Philip sometimes went down and talked to her.
The only thing was to wait patiently.
Patiently she took it off the chimney-piece and handed it to Philip.
We can only go on patiently putting the truth before them.
At the same time," she continued, "we can't live without each other, because-" Mrs. Hilbery waited patiently for the sentence to be completed, but Katharine fell silent and fingered her sheet of figures.
Just as he had patiently worked through an English Grammar, to enable him to speak correctly, he took up a work on surveying and prepared himself for his new employment in six weeks.
Too much praise cannot be given to Chase for the restoration of the national credit, and Lincoln bore patiently his adverse criticism in view of his transcendent services.

Examples of Patiently

Example #1
We bathed occasionally, but the water was rather chilly, for all it looked so sunny.
Example #2
We could see trout by the thousand winging about in the emptiness under us, or sleeping in shoals on the bottom, but they would not bite-they could see the line too plainly, perhaps.
Example #3
How sweet was her constant thanksgiving!
Example #4
At one time she brought on a slight relapse by giving lessons in crayon drawing.
Example #5
I had two dollars, but thought I must not give it away until more came.
Example #6
But this feeling did not last long; something seemed to tell me the Lord would not send me any until that was gone.