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Definition of Pavon

  • A small triangular flag, esp. one attached to a knight's lance; a pennon.

How to use pavon in a sentence. Pavon pronunciation.

Dancing was the daily occupation rather than the amusement at court and elsewhere, and the names of dances exceeded the list of the virtues-such as the French brawl, the pavon, the measure, the canary, and many under the general titles of corantees, jigs, galliards, and fancies.
The admirable "featliness" of the Count de la Roche, in the pavon, with the Lady Margaret, was rivalled only by the more majestic grace of Edward and the dainty steps of Anthony Woodville.
The dance began; but Isabel excused herself from the pavon, and the king led out the reluctant and melancholy Anne.
And high and rich swelled the merry music that invited to the stately pavon.

Examples of Pavon

Example #1
Gradually he loses his mind.
Example #2
The animal stupidity of the herd enters into him.
Example #3
But the lightest and happiest heart which beat in that revel was one in which no scheme and no ambition but those of love nursed the hope and dreamed the triumph.
Example #4
The banquet ended, the dance began.
Example #5
The proud Isabel, who had never forgiven Edward's slight to herself, resented deeply his evident admiration of her sister, and conversed apart with the archbishop, whose subtle craft easily drew from her lips confessions of an ambition higher even than his own.
Example #6
After the feast, the numerous demoiselles, high-born and fair, who swelled the more than regal train of the countess, were assembled in the long gallery, which was placed in the third story of the castle and served for the principal state apartment.