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How to use pea-pod in a sentence. Pea-pod pronunciation.

When he was not weeding or watering or planting, he was counting the number of pea-pods on every vine, or the ears of corn as they tasselled out on each stalk.
But I find, in dissecting a pea-blossom, that hidden in the center of it is a perfect miniature pea-pod, with the peas all in it,-as perfect a pea-pod as it will ever be, only it is as tiny as a chatelaine ornament.
When he saw my pea-pods, ravaged by the birds, he burst into tears.
All the traits that made the great Napoleon worshiped, hated, and feared existed in the little Bonaparte, as perfectly as the pea-pod in the flower.

Examples of Pea-pod

Example #1
He had put brains as well as muscle into his summer's work, asking questions and advice of every gardener in Bardstown, and carefully reading the agricultural papers one of them loaned him.
Example #2
She wondered why he was so absorbed in his garden.
Example #3
Maize and some other things show the same precocity.
Example #4
I do not know whether this is good theology, or not; and I hesitate to support it by an illustration from my garden, especially as I do not want to run the risk of propagating error, and I do not care to give away these theological comparisons to clergymen who make me so little return in the way of labor.
Example #5
A man of war, he knows the value of peas.
Example #6
Those who say that the President is not a man easily moved are knaves or fools.