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How to use pearl-trader in a sentence. Pearl-trader pronunciation.

After each visit paid by the pearl-traders, all the men in the village had become excessively tipsy; and on the first two occasions they, fearing that they might be ill-treated, had run off and hidden themselves, though they did not escape punishment.
He was thinking of the fifteen-mile ride before him that afternoon, to the windward side of the island, and of Berthe, the pretty half-caste daughter of Lafiere, the pearl-trader, who was waiting for him at the end of it.
The sergeant remembered the long ride before him, and the pearl-trader's daughter, and debated with himself.

Examples of Pearl-trader

Example #1
Popo had begun to learn his companion's language; which he spoke, however, in a way very different from the natives.
Example #2
Since he had been there, three vessels had come and purchased all the pearls which had been collected, when he and the white boy had been carried off some way from the shore, so that they might not communicate with the crews.
Example #3
As he stooped over to attach the iron to the broad top of the blade, Ah Cho glanced at the sergeant and saw his opportunity.
Example #4
Walking up to the edge of the scaffold, he called his orders to the blacksmith for a twenty-five-pound piece of iron.
Example #5
It is only a Chinago.
Example #6
Let's put the performance through just the same.