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The origin of such a vast thickness of vegetable remains, so unmixed, on the whole, with earthy ingredients, can be accounted for in no other way than by the growth, during thousands of years, of trees and ferns in the manner of peat- a theory which the presence of the Stigmaria in situ under each of the seven layers of anthracite fully bears out.
Next, you have the chalk, with its peculiar, delicate, and often fragrant crop of lime-loving plants; and next, you have the poor sands and clays of the New Forest basin, saturated with iron, and therefore carrying a moorland or peat- loving vegetation, in many respects quite different from the others.
Jock asked from his perch on the top of the peat- stack.

Examples of Peat

Example #1
The rival hypothesis, of the drifting of plants into a sea or estuary, leaves the non-intermixture of sediment, or of clay, sand, and pebbles, with the pure coal wholly unexplained. (FIGURE 430.
Example #2
This mass of coal I saw quarried in the open air at Mauch Chunk, on the Bear Mountain.
Example #3
First, you have the clay lying on the chalk, and carrying vast woodlands, seemingly primeval.
Example #4
You have in this neighbourhood, as you well know, two, or rather three, soils, each carrying its peculiar vegetation.
Example #5
The song stopped, and Jock Gordon slowly turned his head in their direction.
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