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He was succeeded by Pekaiah, a bad prince, who was assassinated at the end of two years by Pekah, one of his captains, who seized his throne.
The leaders of the opposition to the king,-the national patriots-in Samaria, hoped that Pekaiah, Menahem's son and successor, would prove himself a truer son of his country than his father.
Pekaiah followed in the political footsteps of his father and the hopes of the Samarian patriots waned when he succeeded his father on the throne.
Pekaiah reigned in Samaria less than two years, when, in 735, through the assistance of Rezin and the connivance of the patriotic party in Samaria, he was assassinated by one of his generals, Pekah, the son of Remaliah.

Examples of Pekaiah

Example #1
He died after a reign of twenty-three years, and was buried in the mausoleum of Hadrian, which he completed.
Example #2
During his reign, which lasted twenty years, Tiglath-Pilaser, king of Assyria, made war against him, by invitation of Ahaz, and took his principal cities, and carried their inhabitants captive to Nineveh.
Example #3
They looked to him to refuse the payment of the Assyrian tribute and to re-establish the independence of the Kingdom of Israel; but they were disappointed.
Example #4
Rezin was working toward a coalition of all the countries along the Mediterranean sea that were tributary to Tiglath-Pileser, so that in their combined strength they might rise and throw off the Assyrian yoke.
Example #5
Rezin, however, was not to be denied in the plan he had laid out for himself and for the other Assyrian tributaries.