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Definition of Pent

  • Penned or shut up; confined; -- often with up.

How to use pent in a sentence. Pent pronunciation.

The explosion so long pent up burst forth, and a flood of words poured from the young man's lips with inexpressible impetuosity.
He wanted to speak; he strove hard, wondering the while at his silence; but not a sound came, till there was a deep groan from above him, and then with a sudden rush the words came from his pent up breast- "Melk!
Pent up emotions may become positively harmful.
Ah, Gloster, hide thee from their hateful looks, And, in thy closet pent up, rue my shame, And ban thine enemies, both mine and thine! GLOSTER.
She struggled hard at first thus pent, Night separated from her spouse, Then became busy with the house, First reconciled and then content; Habit was given us in distress By Heaven in lieu of happiness.
Remember you've been pent up all your life.
With reference to the difference between these two names, compare the disquisitions in the author's "_Genuineness of the Pent.
Regarding the sense of this passage, and the symbolical meaning of the tabernacle and temple, compare "_Dissertations on the Genuineness of the Pent.
Suppose we should find ourselves pent up between the Chitterlings and Shrovetide? between the anvil and the hammers?
Two hundred felons, after having been for a longtime under confinement in the gaols or hulks of England, and subsequently pent up on board a transport, are placed in charge of the masters or their agents to whom they have been assigned.
The wicked slaves expended their pent up emotions in song and dance.
Complained, though incommodiously pent in, And ill at ease behind.
Ah, sir, I see it now as I never did before, what a wall all these little defects build up round a poor man; how he longs and struggles to show himself as he is at heart, and cannot, till he feels sometimes as if he was enchanted, pent up, like folks in fairy tales, in the body of some dumb beast.
It rained all night; I wearied of its monotonous fall; if I slept it turned into a voice which was pent up in a letter which I could not open.
All which appearing, on she went, To find the Knight in limbo pent.
And if you'll give my flame but vent, Now in close hugger-mugger pent, And shine upon me but benignly, With that one, and that other pigsney, 560 The sun and day shall sooner part, Than love or you shake off my heart; The sun, that shall no more dispense His own but your bright influence.
Then Mary's pent emotion issued in a laugh.
The sound of joyful revelry, which had not been heard within the walls of the Fort for a long, long year, once again burst forth with such energy that one might have been led to suppose its being pent up so long had intensified its power.
Here the river seems pent up, almost; and just above St. Goar there rises from the water a lofty precipice, called the Lurley Rock.
The Athenians, pent up behind their walls, and seeing the destruction of their property, were eager to go forth and fight, but were dissuaded by Pericles.

Examples of Pent

Example #1
Her voice was calm, but she recoiled a few steps, and leaned against one of the trees which bordered the road.
Example #2
I no longer know whether I am myself-if I am dead or alive-if I am good or bad-whether I am dreaming or waking.
Example #3
But for a few moments no word would come from his lips.
Example #4
Melchior's voice came down to him.
Example #5
The younger the pupils the more especially is this true.
Example #6
Ideally, of course, every worthy emotion aroused should find, if possible, suitable channels for expression.