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I see him at his window looking out towards the Cloistered House; and if our neighbour comes forth, perhaps upon his hunter, or now in his cart, or again with his dogs, he draws his hat down upon his eyes and whispers to himself.
Perhaps because David wore his hat always and the long coat with high collar like a Turk, or because Prince Kaid was an acute judge of human nature, and also because honesty was a thing he greatly desired-in others-and never found near his own person; however it was, he had set David high in his esteem at once.
Perhaps that was why he had lived so near the person of the Prince, had held office so long.
Perhaps they are only waiting.
Besides, the man was a Christian-of a mystic, half-legendary, obscure Christianity; yet having in his mind the old faith, its essence and its meaning, perhaps.
Perhaps he cared for her; perhaps that was why he smiled as he lay upon his bed, never to move again.
Madame, perhaps in England thou mayst have known my brother.
Her instinct had pierced far; and as she realised his suspicions, perhaps his certainty, and heard his words of covert insult, which, as she saw, David did not appreciate, anger and determination grew in her.
Perhaps even now his own palace was surrounded.
Can Persons in good earnest pray, as they are directed in the Lord's-Prayer, _Not to be led into Temptation_, and yet frequent the Play-House, where they are assaulted with more and greater Temptations than incounter them perhaps in any other Place?
It is impossible to say, how many, and how great the _Mischiefs_ are that spring from thence; which if a Man should take a View of, it would perhaps, be one of the most Melancholy Prospects that ever he beheld.
We could see trout by the thousand winging about in the emptiness under us, or sleeping in shoals on the bottom, but they would not bite-they could see the line too plainly, perhaps.
Now whoever has had the luck to ride a real Mexican plug will recognize the animal depicted in this chapter, and hardly consider him exaggerated -but the uninitiated will feel justified in regarding his portrait as a fancy sketch, perhaps.
And yet that short-sighted man needed the Chaplain more than any other member, perhaps, for he generally sat with his feet on his desk, eating raw turnips, during the morning prayer.
Perhaps it is well for one to know his fate at first, and get reconciled to it.
And because _Madam_, you are yet but a Beginner, and may perhaps be startled at this Doctrine, I'll let you see 'tis not my single Notion, but is the Judgment of a Learned Author, who long ago has written on this Subject, a Choice Copy of Verses, which I'll here repeat to you.
I should be glad to hear what those Discoveries were, that he made to your Husband; which perhaps may be of use to me in knowing how to prevent the like Disasters.
In her solitary, idle, childless existence Iambe was much, very much, to her, and now as she saw her faithful companion and friend creep ill- treated and whining up to her bed-as the supple animal tried in vain to spring up and take refuge in her lap, and held out to his mistress his trembling, perhaps broken, little paw, fear vanished from the miserable young woman's heart-she sprang from her couch, took the little dog in her arms, and exclaimed with a glance, which flashed with anything rather than fear or repentance: "You do not touch the poor little beast again, if you take my advice.
She had never before quitted Arelas, and knew not what she was giving up, when she took leave of her father's house perhaps for ever.
And perhaps the flowers themselves rejoice in the light, and in the silent life that is in their roots.

Examples of Perhap

Example #1
I think he is ever setting thee off against Lord Eglington; and that is foolish, for Eglington is but a man of the earth earthy.
Example #2
In degree it has ever been so; but now it is like a constant frown upon his forehead.
Example #3
This esteem gave greater certainty that any backsheesh coming from the estate of Benn Claridge would not be sifted through many hands on its way to himself.
Example #4
They had respect for him more than for most Franks, because the Prince Pasha had honoured him with especial favour.
Example #5
There were no Grand Viziers in Egypt; but he was as much like one as possible, and he had one uncommon virtue, he was greatly generous.
Example #6
Nahoum Pasha had also a rich sense of grim humour.