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How to use perhaps-that in a sentence. Perhaps-that pronunciation.

His physician knows the state of his material frame well enough, perhaps,-that this or that organ is more or less impaired or disintegrated; but the patient has a sense that he can hold out so much longer,-sometimes that he must and will live for a while, though by the logic of disease he ought to die without any delay.
It happened-fatefully, perhaps-that the first man she saw was Stewart.
A dream suggested to me the idea-an absurd one perhaps-that you may have interested yourself in Monsieur Hulot.

Examples of Perhaps-that

Example #1
The Little Gentleman continued to fail, until it became plain that his remaining days were few.
Example #2
There is a singular sagacity very often shown in a patient's estimate of his own vital force.
Example #3
He had just ridden into camp, and as she came up he explained that he had gone down to the ranch for the important mail about which she had expressed anxiety.
Example #4
Madeline returned to camp in just the mood to make a sharp, deciding contrast.
Example #5
It was a wordless dialogue of pathetic eloquence.
Example #6
Her beseeching eyes extinguished the flash in Josepha's; the singer smiled.