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Philip was so much chagrined that he laid siege to Perinthus, and marched through the Chersonese, which was part of the Athenian territory, upon which Athens declared war.
Philip prosecuted, on his part, the siege of Perinthus, on the Propontis, with an army of thirty thousand men, with a great number of military engines.
There Lysimachia was taken from the Aetolian garrison, and Perinthus, which stood in the relation of clientship to Byzantium, was likewise occupied.

Examples of Perinthu

Example #1
Philip, on his side, issued a manifesto declaring his wrongs, as is usual with conquerors, and announced his intention of revenge.
Example #2
Through his influence, Eubœa was detached from Philip, and also Byzantium, and they were brought into alliance with Athens.
Example #3
One of his movable towers was one hundred and twenty feet high, so that he was able to drive away the defenders of the walls by missiles.
Example #4
The Athenians fitted out a fleet and sent it under Chares to the Hellespont.
Example #5
Thus the peace was broken as respected the Byzantines; and as respected the Aetolians, who had just made peace with Philip, the good understanding was at least disturbed.
Example #6
In the year in which Carthage concluded peace with Rome (553), Philip ordered a fleet equipped by the towns subject to him to take on board troops, and to sail along the coast of Thrace.